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Friday November 24 07:00-10:00 BrattleboroVTMain St & Grove StShall We Dance, Brattleboro Ballroom$10
November 17
November 24
December 1
December 9


Dancing is at the Stone Church at the corner of Grove and Main in Brattleboro.
  • Each Friday dance is preceded by a lesson included in the price of admission.
    (Saturday lesson is not included in the dance admission price.)
  • This dance includes a lesson by Ray Warren & Lucinda Dee.
  • Open dancing follows the lesson.
  • Complimentary refreshments are provided.
  • Please carry the shoes you will dance in to help keep the new floor new and clean.
  • Discounts (except for live music): Couples - $16, Students & Seniors = $7
  • For more information or call Ray Warren at 802-579-9990.
This is not a general rating system. It does not consider subjective factors or quality; it's only about time, cost, and space to dance - how it works.



public admission price*

price per hour*

dancable area*

average attendance*

average distance betwen couples*

12$10$3.331250365.5 feet

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