Dance type codes and descriptions

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This dance is a social partner dance with no specified genre or type of music. If you find out, let us know.
-This dance requires you to use the calendar link above if there are dates shown on the left, if not, there are none scheduled.
?This dance is tentatively scheduled. Please call ahead before committing expenses or to travel.
AThis dance is an Argentine Tango Milonge or practica.
BThis dance is a black tie optional dinner dance.
bThis dance is a social ballroom dance featuring smooth, rhythm, and club dances. The mix varies with the DJ.
CThis dance is a California mix - hustle, Latin, West Coast, Swing, & some ballroom smooth.
cThis dance is a mix of Country, Swing, Latin, Club, and Ballroom smooth dances.
DThis dance is a principally a dinner dance.
dThis dance is primarily disco - hustle.
EThis dance includes eats in the form of a buffet that may include pot-luck dishes to share.
eThis dance includes a light fare dinner, special performances by professionals and or students, and general dancing.
FThis dance is a fund-raiser benefit with auctions, food, demonstrations, music, entertainment, and dancing.
fThis dance is a fund-raiser benefit event.
GThis dance is a mix of Swing and Ballroom.
gThis dance is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and straight friends event with mixed styles.
HThis dance is primarily Lindy Hop and Swing.
hThis dance is primarily Salsa, Swing, and Hustle.
IThis event features music for dances taught by the instructor, for dances selected by the DJ, and for dances requested.
JThis dance is a live music performance that features the Champagne Jam dance band.
jThis dance is a live music performance that features Jurango - Jazz and Tango - partner dance lessons and improvisational dance.
LThis dance is primarily Latin - featuring salsa, merengue, cha cha, samba, rumba, and possibly bachata and bolero.
lThis dance is a mix of Latin and swing.
MThis dance music varies with the DJ - contemporary, pop, rock, oldies, swing, Latin, & ballroom.
mThis dance is a mix of swing, hustle, Latin, Night Club two step, ballroom smooth, tango, country, etc.
NThis dance features a mix of Rhythm and Smooth dances.
nThis dance features live or recorded Big Band, blues or Jazz combo music.
OThis dance features smooth music for elegant and graceful smooth dancing.
oThis dance is a promotion event in a public thoroughfare featuring impromptu dancing, demonstrations, and teaching.
PThis dance is a primarily a Polka dance with a few other dance genres occasionally provided
pThis dance is a practice session.
QThis dance features the Quintessential Dance DJ Brain playing mixed ballroom, Latin, and other genres.
qThis dance features small ensembles of players with varying instruments performing mostly folk and original music.
RThis dance is a mix of mostly Retro Pop & Rock, & ballroom that varies with the DJ.
rThis dance is a mix of Rueda, Swing and Argentine Tango.
SThis dance is primarily swing.
sThis dance is principally Salsa featuring largely lively Latin rhythms cha cha, and merengue, and possibly rumba.
UThis dance is a USA Dance chapter event featuring smooth, Latin, and swing dances.
uThis dance is a USA Dance Underground Ballroom event.
VThis dance is a live music event featuring ballroom smooth, Latin, and swing dance music.
vThis dance features live music by a jazz, swing, or big band combo or orchestra.
WThis dance is primarily West Coast Swing.
wThis dance is a mixture of swing, Latin, hustle, and Argentine Tango.
XThis dance has been canceled - NO DANCE THIS DATE
YThis dance is an all Country mix of two-step, waltz, polka, Country Line-dances, etc.
yThis dance is a mix of Ballroom, Country, Latin, Swing, and club dances.
ZThis dance is a dinner cruise party with dancing somewhat limited by the small dance floor
zThis dance Features the Greg Nazarian Dance Band playing favorite foxtrot, waltz, swing, cha cha, tango, rumba, and polka music.

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